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Installing Radiator

Central Heating Powerflush

Do you recognize any of these signs?

There are cold spots on the radiators.

Lower radiators are cold.

The top radiators are cold.

Sludge and limescale buildup in pipelines and valves.

The boiler was generating deafening hammering sounds.

Due to limitations, pipes produce noise.

The boiler was turned off due to damage or a clogged pump.

A well-executed power flush will fix the problem. 

Radiator Thermostat

What We Will Do?

What we will accomplish for domestic homes are power flushing and de-scaling.

Power Flush service performed with high-quality tools.

Excessive gas prices, radiator cold spots, slow radiator heating, a noisy boiler, and other concerns will be addressed. 


A more efficient system.

Better circulation.

Radiators that are more efficient.

Heating time is reduced.

Rust protection.

Limescale protection.


Our prices start at £290 for 1 to 5 radiators. 


£400 for an underfloor heating power flush.


The pricing includes all essential chemicals for a Full Chemical Power Flush for a System.


Please contact us for more information and pricing on larger or smaller quantities of heaters.


Please call 07384675669 or text | East Sussex for a quote.

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